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“Picanha on the stone” served w/ rock salt, peppers & lemon wedges  

Grilled pepper dusted sliced beef sirloin w/ caramelized onion & miso reduction  

Sesame crusted seared tuna w/ sautéed baby bok choy  

10oz NY strip steak w/ vegetables & sweet potato fries  

Marinated lamb w/ pistachio, mustard crust & sweet potato mash  

Flamed broiled chicken breast over medley of green w/ miso reduction  

Chicken w/ miso brush over mix greens & orange segments  

Manu’s seafood primavera:  

octopus, sea scallops, shrimp, tossed in light sun-dried tomato & vegetable sauce, served w/ rice 

Skirt steak w/bell peppers, bourbon sauce, served w/ rice & steamed vegetables 

Hibachi Entrées  

Served w/ hibachi vegetables,  homemade dipping sauce & steamed rice 

Hibachi chicken:  

chicken breast, mushrooms, grilled & seasoned w/ butter & sesame seeds           

Chicken teriyaki: sliced chicken thigh grilled w/ special house teriyaki sauce            

Hibachi steak: thin sliced steak, grilled w/ mushrooms & butter              

Teriyaki steak: grilled sliced steak, w/ special house teriyaki sauce              

Hibachi shrimp: grilled shrimp served w/ vegetables & rice               

Manu’s delight: filet mignon grilled w/ shrimp lightly seasoned w/ vegetables                

Ferry St. special: grilled chicken breast w/ shrimp sautéed vegetables & rice                 

Filet mignon: grilled w/ mushrooms lightly seasoned       


Mochi cream (strawberry, green tea, mango, chocolate, red bean, vanilla)  

Crème brûlée          

Key lime pie            

Chocolate Molten lava cake (choice of pistachio, vanilla or chocolate)           


Caramel Fudge pecan pie         

NY style cheesecake           

Fruit cup w/ whipped cream   

Selection of ice cream (pistachio, vanilla, chocolate)         

Banana tempura with vanilla ice cream  

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