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Cold & dry plate: Prosciutto, manchego cheese, black figs, pickles, olives & ciabatta  

Olive medley in roasted garlic oil & balsamic vinaigrette over grilled bread  

Blue & white potato chips (seasoned w/ Sicilian sea-salt & wasabi) 

Sweet potato fries (lightly dusted w/ sea salt)  

Sake drunk’n Portuguese chorizo with grilled papo seco  

Beef sliders w/ pancetta, red onions & chili ketchup  

Jumping “Lexy” shrimp w/ sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil & garlic  

Coconut panko sea scallops w/ almond flakes & sweet and spicy chili dipping sauce  

Grilled octopus w/ lemon paprika reduction  

Tiger shrimp on a skewer w/ pineapple & aioli  

Bacon wrapped scallops (served w/ homemade teriyaki dipping sauce) 

Bruschetta (prosciutto & mozzarella on toasted baguette)  

Coconut shrimp (panko coconut crusted butterfly shrimp)  



Sushi Appetizers 

Usuzukuri (sliced fluke w/ spicy ponzu sauce, scallions & radish)  

Tako su (octopus in vinegar sauce served w/ seaweed & cucumber)  

Tuna tataki (seared out, thinly sliced w/ ponzu sauce)  

Sushi tower (tuna, salmon, yellowtail, cucumber, crunch, massago, avocado, w/ spicy tuna) 

Tuna tartar (avocado, scallions, cucumber, massago & spicy ponzu sauce)  

Aged dashi tofu (fried bean curd served w/ bonito flakes & tempura sauce)  

Edamame (soybeans cooked in salt water)  

Gyoza (pan fried pork dumplings)  

Vegetable gyoza  

Shrimp shumai (steamed shrimp dumplings)  

Wasabi Shumai (steamed pork w/ horse radish dumpling)  

Green mussels (served with massago sweet sauce & scallions) *baked* 

Mushroom delight (baked w/ spicy crab & shrimp)  

Shrimp tempura (lightly battered deep fried shrimp)  

Vegetable tempura (lightly battered mix vegetables)  

Soft shell crab (deep fried soft shell crab served w/ ponzu sauce)  

Monkey Balls (scallions, crab meat, spicy tuna, massago, breaded & deep fried w/ sauce)  

Seafood explosion (tuna, salmon, tilapia, octopus, massago, spicy mayo) *baked* 

Hirame tempura (lightly battered deep fried white fish served w/ spicy ponzu) 

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