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Lunch Special 

Monday - Friday 12 pm - 3:30 pm 

Sushi lunch “A”                      5 pcs sushi & California roll, soup OR salad     

Sushi lunch “B”                     5 pcs sushi & spicy tuna roll, soup OR salad            

Sashimi lunch                          12 pcs sashimi & bowl of rice, soup OR salad         

Sushi & sashimi lunch         5 pcs sushi & 5 pcs sashimi, soup OR salad      

Lunch Bowl 

Chicken teriyaki                    Steamed rice, vegetables, soup OR salad  

Beef teriyaki                          Steamed rice, vegetables, soup OR salad 

Bento Box 

Served with soup, salad, rice, 4 pcs California roll & your choice of fried gyoza, fried shumai or shrimp & vegetable tempura 


Bento box #1 chicken teriyaki         

Bento box #2 beef teriyaki             

Bento box #3 shrimp teriyaki           

Bento box #4 salmon teriyaki     

Bento box #5 grilled eel              

Bento box #6 hibachi steak           

Bento box #7 hibachi shrimp            

Bento box #8 hibachi chicken            


Sushi bento box: 4 pcs sushi, 6 pcs sashimi, 4 pcs California roll & seaweed salad 


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