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Sushi Salads 

Seaweed salad 

Spicy seaweed salad 

Kani salad (crab, fish roe, cucumber) 

Mango kani (crab, massago, cucumber & spicy mayo) 

Spicy seaweed w/ tuna 

Crab salad w/ cucumber 




Miso soup 

Baby clam soup 

Tempura udon (noodles, shrimp, tempura crab) 

Tempura soba soup (buckwheat noodle) 





Fresh mozzarella w/ cherry tomatoes, & balsamic reduction  

Avocado, tomato salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette glaze  

Mediterranean octopus: Mixed greens, red onions, olives, cucumbers & feta cheese 

“Simply greens”





Wraps choice: Veggie, Wheat, Spinach, Tomato, Basil 

Lump crab & Japanese basil w/ sweet soy brush  

Medley of grilled & chilled vegetables w/ sweet chili sauce  

Shrimp w/ mint petals, cucumber, mix greens & spicy peanut sauce  

Chicken w/ peppers, spring mix, spicy mayo & sweet potato fries 


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